The Weekly Ritual is an email newsletter from two sisters that details the weekly routines of women they admire.

“My obsession with routines started in high school with Vanity Fair’s My Desk and continues today with Refinery29’s Money Diaries, The Cut’s How I Get it Done, NYT Sunday Routine, Into the Gloss’ The Top Shelf, The Coveteur Closet, etc.  Celebrities and influencers might seem to have it all together, but this is meant to highlight real women who are just trying to make it through the week!”

- Hilary

“When we hear stories of successful women, it’s often the 20-year highlight reel.  We so rarely look at the daily actions that add up over time. I’m interested in the habits that set women up to be effective leaders, colleagues, friends, and family members.  Here’s to celebrating the small stuff!”

- Lauren