No. 1


Name: Hilary
Age-ish: 30s
City: San Francisco
Day: Private Equity Investing
Night: Mom, Wife, 90’s Hip Hop Lover

Morning Ritual

Wake Up - Alarm is set for 6am. We use a light up alarm that eases you into wakeups. It feels more civilized during the work week.  I lay in bed and waste 20 minutes on my phone out of habit (Instagram, Mom Facebook groups and The Daily Mail stories on Snapchat).

Get Ready - I am a morning shower person. Wakes me up for the day. I have recently developed a quick morning skincare and makeup routine. I am not skilled at makeup, but I am great at following directions, so I went to Sephora and had them teach me an everyday makeup look. It seems like a lot of steps, but I have it down to 3 minutes. Then, I do a quick blow dry. I get Keratin treatments every 3-4 months, because I have really curly hair.

Breakfast - I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, so I had to eat a strict breakfast. I kind of liked the regimen, so I still have it every day. Melted cheddar cheese on a low carb tortilla and a hardboiled egg. I buy the pre-hardboiled ones so they are mess-free. I gave up caffeine about 3 years ago, but I love a morning cappuccino, so I sometimes make a decaf almond milk one with my nespresso or pick one up at Starbucks.

Wardrobe - I hate looking in my closet and feeling like I have nothing to wear. I am a big follower of @dcstylefactory. She is a stylist for professional women in DC.  I almost always wear black. She talks about having a blueprint, so I have been working on that. Skinny pants or jeans, a sleeveless blouse, a blazer, a scarf and flats. I am mini, but I still always wear flats to work. Mostly because I am lazy.  

Commute Ritual

I used to take the bus, and I loved to just zone out. But, I recently started driving to work with my husband, so we can time our commute to the minute to get home in time for the nanny. 22 minutes each way.  We listen to “Good Vibes” on Spotify or “The Daily” podcast.

Daytime Ritual

When I am not traveling, I am at my desk all day. I have a standing desk, but I rarely use it. I sit for way too long.  I wish I had someone to tap me on my shoulder to remind me to stretch my legs. I am also terrible about drinking water, so at any time, I have 2+ mugs, glasses or water bottles on my desk to remind me.  

Lunch Ritual

I go to the same 2 salad places every day. Every so often, I try something new, and I pretty quickly revert back.

Dinner Ritual

I play with my daughter for an hour and then do her night rituals.  She is seven months old, but she already has a few. We all have “Goodnight Moon” memorized. After she goes to bed, we cook or heat up leftovers. We love the “The Dude Diet” cookbook. Unhealthy things made slightly healthier. I don’t have a ton of time for weekday exercise, so I try to eat pretty clean during the week. If it is a hard day, I have a little Pinot Noir from the Coravin and a bite of chocolate.

Night Ritual

Finish up work, TV (currently Billions, Veep, Suits, Friends, the Sopranos) where I normally fall asleep on the sofa and then bed. I love a good throw blanket and super old t shirts. I go to sleep with my fingers crossed (literally) that my daughter will sleep through the night.

Weekend Ritual

Lazy Mornings. Reading the links in the Profile newsletter. Long stroller walks.  Finding the best bucket swings. Mailing back failed online shopping. Peloton ride. Farmers Market and Grocery Shopping. FaceTime with my family on the east coast. Sunday night dinner with my inlaws. Making a mess and constantly putting things away. Finishing with a clay mask.  

High Brow Ritual

I am obsessed with the facials and Botnia products at Skin Remedy. Go see Dani.

Low Brow Ritual

I am the ultimate discount shopper. Ask me about some of my best eBay finds. NWT!

Ritual Fail

Learned the hard way. After I get dressed in the morning, I have to put a robe on top of my outfit to protect from my daughter’s spit up.

Weekly Ask

I’m trying to find the best easy weeknight dinner recipe.  Message me @TheWeeklyRitual.

Repeat Purchases

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