No. 11

Name: Lea   
Age-ish: 45
City: Bronx (Riverdale)
Day: Novelist           
Night: Mother, Wife, Occasional Blogger

Morning Ritual

I get up between 5 and 6. Lois - our cat - usually wakes me up for breakfast. Breakfast for me is a lot of black coffee until I can string a sentence together. I wake up a good hour or so before everyone else in my house so I can drink coffee in peace and quiet and get breakfast set up. I also pad around the house and clean up things which were left out from the night before after I fell asleep - my kids are often up much later than I am. I read the New York Times and I pretend to avoid the New York Post, which my sons get for the sports. But I secretly read the gossip pages when nobody is looking.

Commute Ritual

I write from home. I like to run in the morning after I’ve yelled at the kids for an hour and sent them on their way — this makes it easier to sit for hours on end.

Daytime Ritual

I make dinner in stages as I’m writing — setting myself timers to remember things. I do all my grocery shopping online, so I have to get up out of my chair every hour or so to accept deliveries.

Lunch Ritual

Quinoa with ketchup is the best meal on the planet, and I won’t hear otherwise.  I am not picky about my quinoa but I must have Heinz organic ketchup. I am also a massive kombucha fan and especially like the Health Ade cayenne. I had a bit of a situation last week when I forgot I’d already drunk one and had a second. The “trace” amounts of alcohol in each one were way more than I could handle in the middle of the day. I was completely blitzed.

Dinner Ritual

I eat while I’m cooking, which means I’m full by dinner time. I also like to eat standing up in the kitchen. Dinner is a wholly unsatisfying experience.

Night Ritual

Helping with homework. Fetching things from other rooms. Falling asleep in a child’s bed. Waking up to let the cat in.

Weekend Ritual

Driving people places. Giving myself hours away from my phone — that’s huge. I am a Sabbath observant Jew, which means that for 25 hours my family is technology-free. As the mother of adolescents, I can’t explain what a gift this is - for all of us. Having said that, I often find that I am the worst offender in the house when it comes to cellphone addiction. Having a sustained break is the best cleanse out there.

High Brow Ritual

I read the paper every morning.  

Low Brow Ritual

Have I mentioned the quinoa with ketchup? Does Twitter count as low brow? Also, large amounts of Diet Pepsi. I’m not watching enough TV to have a low brow TV show yet.

Ritual Fail

I make two dinners a week that at least three people refuse to eat.

Weekly Ask

“Put your dishes in the dishwasher, please.” [Editor’s Note: Lea is too modest to ask, but check out her book!  It’s hilarious!]

Repeat Purchases

Bananas* | Chicken Breasts ** | Frock NYC Silky Dresses | Tri-color Quinoa | Heinz Organic Ketchup | Diet Pepsi | Health Ade Cayenne Kombucha | Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen - Pump *** | Supergoop Glow Stick

 * I have two teenage boys. I buy 12 bananas every two days.

** I am probably responsible for the death of 3,000 chickens a month even though I don’t eat meat myself. Yes. I buy the kind that is already thinned out because pounding chicken breast is something that I am really bad at. Also, as a vegetarian - I have my limits.

*** I buy the giant pump at the beginning of the summer and work my way through it.

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