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Name: Emily
Age-ish: 40
City: Nanaimo, BC (Vancouver Island)
Day:  I have an online business I'm a writer, life coach and e-course instructor.
Night: Mom of 2 boys in competitive sports & wife to a husband who coaches sons' sports. I love to mom, run, practice yoga, exercise and write. Thankfully my life is designed to get to do all of these.

Morning Ritual

Wake up 5:30-6:00. Exercise, I either meet my running partner outdoors for a run, or I head to my basement for a workout in the gym. Get myself and 2 sons fed and ready for the day.  Commute Ritual

The beauty of working from home and my boys attending a school in our neighborhood, is that my morning commute looks like getting to walk my kiddos and our sweet rescue dog, Annie, to school and looping back around to my home office. It's an awesome gig!

Daytime Ritual

Work in my home office from 9:00 - 2:00. Mondays are a short day for kids at school, so I mostly do office work. Kids are home around 2:30. Tuesday and Wednesdays are my creative days. I create new content (writing and video) and curate my weekly newsletter I send out every Thursday morning. Thursday is promo, catch up, coaching hours and every other week is my masterclass meeting.  Fridays vary. Sometimes I'm working on a new project, finishing up loose ends from the week, or I meet up with a friend for a coffee/walk. Thursday and Fridays are more flexible, so this is the day I book in my random appointments or when I'm able to volunteer or help out.  When I’m not in my office, I’m doing something for our family or household or the communities we belong to. I'm the CEO of our household and wear that badge proudly. 

Lunch Ritual

I stretch my legs, take Annie outside for a little walk. Then I come back in and eat lunch that has been prepped ahead of time.  I'm a huge fan of batch cooking and have been for years. For the last year, we've had the most amazing human being named Christina come to our house every 2 weeks. Christina is a Holistic Nutritionist and Red Seal Chef and she batch cooks for our family and fills our freezer. She has given me the gift of freeing up a lot of time and space by nurturing our family and doing all the prep work for me ahead of time. I was the only cook in the household before, so I'm super grateful! Next step is to get the boys trained in the kitchen beyond the washing of dishes.

Dinner Ritual

Depending on the season. Winter = hockey. Spring/Summer = baseball. Piano = year round. Dinner is a time we come together as a family.  During winter, we usually have time after school and before hockey starts where we can sit down as a family to eat. Then boys head out to their practices. I usually make their lunches for the next day, at the same time I'm getting dinner on the table. Boys are responsible for clean up and doing the dishes.  During the spring and summer, we eat dinner early at 4:30. Then we usually meet my husband at the field and bring him his dinner. We are foodies and love good farm to table food. We don't eat out much these days due to the stage of life we are in, but when we are on vacation or have special occasions, we love going out on a date just the 2 of us, or to meet up with friends...or we take our boys - they love going out to a nice restaurant.

Night Ritual

Again this depends on the season. After sports are finished, we head home. We are all bathers at this house and while we have 3 bathtubs, everyone wants my soaker tub in the master suite. So we take turns. Usually they are bathing while I'm getting a snack ready. Then depending on the time, we sit down to watch a show. The boys read before bed, and my husband and I take turns reading with them or just lay down and have a chat with them. Our boys are 9 & 12, and we are a very close family. They still want us around, so while it can be tiring at times, we are taking in our opportunities to stay close. They would still sleep in our bed if we’d let them. Over the years I've learned (the hard way) how valuable sleep is. I used to work into the evenings, but not anymore. I LOVE my sleep. I might watch a show before bed or I'll read (I keep my phone out of my room at night on purpose) and then I nod off by 10:00-10:30.

Weekend Ritual

Every weekend is different. We are usually traveling somewhere for sports. As a family, these days we divide and conquer because the boys don't play on the same teams. We try to split our time evenly between our sons, because it's fun to witness them having so much fun. They do love their sports and the camaraderie that goes along with it, which is why we support it as a family - it's a lifestyle. If they have home games, we will all hang out at the end of the day. We eat dinner together and will BBQ or we'll go out for dinner and then we watch something together. I'm obsessed with HGTV, and the boys love watching with me. Right now we are watching Island of Bryan

High Brow Ritual

Lock my bathroom door and have an Epsom salt/bubble bath. I dim the lights and sip tea as I listen to binaural beats, it's my meditation time and how I get a solid reset. Or I'll watch a video from a monthly membership for mompreneurs I belong to. I also have a monthly ritual on the new moon and full moon, where I journal and listen to music. This has been an important ritual in my life for the past several years.  I try to live as cyclically as possible, and take my cycle as well as the lunar cycle into consideration each Sunday when I sit down to plan my week. This way of viewing and structuring my time has changed my life. I definitely recommend adopting a feminine model of organizing time and energy!

Low Brow Ritual

Have a glass of wine and a bowl of chips while I watch the Real Housewives. Ha! Need I say more.

Ritual Fail

Each person in our own house was supposed to have their own laundry day, i.e. where they do their own laundry and then also fold it and put it away. Not sure what happened here, but we need to work on re-establishing this ritual as it seems to be a steady stream of laundry each day.

Weekly Ask

Tips and creative ideas to have children buy into doing more chores like cleaning bathrooms, laundry, keeping their closets clean etc. without having to constantly nag...please help! Contact me at @emilyemadill

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