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Name: Justine 
Age-ish: Mid-30s
City: Sausalito
Day: Wow, it’s hard to narrow that one down! I am the founder and creator of Botnia skincare and a holistic esthetician and founder-owner of Skin Remedy spa in San Francisco. 
Night: Mother and avid gardener.  I also just finished herbalism school here in Marin.

Morning Ritual

My all-time favorite morning ritual is washing my face--no surprise there, ha! As an esthetician, I believe this is the number-one way you can make the biggest impact on the quality of your skin. Spend the extra minute to actually take care of your skin, and it will love you back. I start with Botnia’s new Balancing Oil Cleanser, working it into my skin for a solid minute and doing some lifting and tightening movements with a gua sha tool. Then I rinse clean and spray with a hydrosol and finish with our Daily Face Cream and Replenishing Facial Oil. The whole ritual takes about 4 or 5 minutes and it sets me up perfectly for the whole day. 

Commute Ritual

I have the best commute in the world! Most days I work in the Botnia lab, so I simply walk down the back stairs off our deck through our micro-farm and into Botnia HQ. I suppose the ritual aspect of this is taking a minute to walk through the flower beds and seeing what’s newly in bloom. We make plant-based skincare by hand from the botanicals in our micro-farm, so these plants are truly precious to me and I love to care for every petal.

Daytime Ritual

I work all day long but I'm lucky to do what I love. I find each day to be completely different from the next because I'm running two different businesses that feed into each other. Thankfully, both are creative businesses and I get to use not only my brain, but also my hands! Both businesses require true hands-on work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also usually try to squeeze in listening to The Daily podcast at some point during the day.

Lunch Ritual

The honest truth is I usually skip lunch or eat while writing emails. Busted!

Dinner Ritual

Making food for my daughter, who often helps me. She's four years old and loves making dinner together! I supplement my weekly farmers’ market haul with deliveries from Good Eggs, which is a super-convenient way to support local farms. 

Night Ritual

Most of my evenings are spent with my family making dinner, reading story books, and then falling into bed at 9 pm… or maybe some Netflix and chill time if I’m lucky!  I have the same face washing ritual at night that I do in the morning, but I add in a face mask once a month. This month I mixed together a combination of home-grown chamomile flowers, oats, and goat’s milk yogurt with some witch hazel extract added in. It was dreamy and left my skin feeling soothed and plump.   

Weekend Ritual

My favorite thing to do on the weekends is going to the farmers’ market with my family to fill my kitchen with all the yummy healthy foods that California has to offer. 

High Brow Ritual

Weekly private Pilates sessions at Pilates Works with one of the most amazing classical Pilates instructors in America, Angela Gifford

Low Brow Ritual

Binge-watching Netflix, just like everyone else.

Ritual Fail

Running. I simply hate it, it feels bad, and it's boring. Guess I'm just not a runner!

Weekly Ask  

I’m traveling to Italy next month with my daughter for a long-awaited vacation: any tips on how to manage a 13-hour flight with a spirited four year old? Message me at @botniaskincare

Repeat Purchases  

In truth I'm not that brand loyal, but here are a few of my favorite products / places: Annie's Annuals and Perennials | Natural Calm Capsules | Eden Botanicals | Heath Ceramics

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