No. 13

Name: Jo
Age-ish: 23
City: New York City
Day: Consulting Analyst at Accenture
Night: Co-Founder & CEO of Aspire to Her, a community of young women in their early careers. Our mission is to empower each other by featuring the mentors we aspire to

Morning Ritual

Ah mornings. I wake up at 7AM (after multiple snoozing of my alarm) and slowly trek out of my hotel bed. Since I travel during the weekdays for work, I have the luxury of sleeping in hotels every Monday - Thursday. I usually shower in the mornings but if I happen to shower the night before (just because) then I start the process of brushing my teeth and washing my face. I then put on my daily makeup - eyeliner, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and a slap of lipstick. After dressing myself in business-casual clothing that was previously stuffed in my travel bag, I walk over to Starbucks (one street away), grab a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese and a black coffee to go.

Commute Ritual

If it's Monday morning then I'm traveling from Manhattan to Albany for work on an Amtrak train. Surprisingly, I've been loving the train rides as it gives me time to either (1) catch up on some much needed nap time, or (2) do more Aspire to Her work. I usually try to grab two seats for myself so I can sprawl out with my laptop, notebook, and breakfast. If it's any other weekday then I'm just walking to work as I only stay a block away from my client site.

Daytime Ritual

My work is completely on Excel, so I live and breathe Excel (very typical for a Consultant). So during the day you can always find me staring at my computer, analyzing data, and occasionally banging on my computer wishing it could run faster.

Lunch Ritual

I always take an hour lunch, without fail. My team truly believes that taking a lunch break allows you to be energized and focused so we all make a point to eat together, catch up on our day, and take a break away from staring at our computers.

Dinner Ritual

The hotels I stay at have complimentary dinner so my coworkers and I will typically head back to our hotel, grab a few bites, and go back to our hotel room to relax. I usually sit in bed, dinner on my lap, and watch an episode of “The Office” while enjoying my food. I almost always have whatever dessert they provide sitting right next to me to indulge in after dinner as well. My favorite is a chocolate mousse that they provide in a mini mason jar.

Night Ritual

After dinner I'm back to my laptop, working on Aspire to Her. This is the time I really get to dive in on my side hustle. So during this time, I'm trying my best to answer the influx of emails, manage my remote team, and strategize initiatives to continue growing the community. Aspire to Her is the best part of my day and night, so I always get lost in the work I do and forget about the time. I usually realize how late it is when my long distance boyfriend, Jack, FaceTimes me to chat about our days.

Weekend Ritual

I honestly don't think I have a weekend ritual. I'm either in Florida with my boyfriend, visiting my friends in their respective cities, or lounging around in my room with a laptop on my lap. I tend to not overdo my weekends as I travel so often, so I focus on relaxing, getting work done, and spending time with my people.

High Brow Ritual

I love to online shop. But I hate to return things. I always shop for items that look incredible online but sub-par in person. I have a lot of clothing that I don't wear but just have never returned. I blame my travels (but should just blame myself).

Low Brow Ritual

Chinese takeout. You can never go wrong with simple Chinese takeout. Seamless is my friend - in both NYC and Albany.

Ritual Fail

But you can go wrong with the actual delivery. Sorry Seamless, but sometimes my orders get really delayed and I get sad and hungry.

Weekly Ask

Would love for you all to check out the community I've created - Aspire to Her - and let me know what you think! I love the feedback. 

Repeat Purchases

Anastasia Brow Powder | Loreal Eyeliner | Madewell Jeans | Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer | Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo 

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