No. 13

Name: Lauren
Age-ish: 40s
City: New York City
Day: Marketing (Editor’s Note: Lauren is very modest - she’s the CMO of Tate’s Bake Shop, everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookie!)
Night: Fiancee, Cat Mom, Food Lover, Reality TV Junkie, Peloton Lover (Editor’s Note: Took us a little while to publish this one. Lauren has since gotten married!  Congratulations!) 

Morning Ritual

Wake up by 6am and take a moment to remember where I am (see next section). My iPhone alarm is set between 5:30 and 6:00 depending on what time I go to sleep the night before, but I'm usually up before the alarm goes off. I don't snooze unless I've had a really hard time falling asleep the previous night. I am a morning shower person (although I will also shower the night before if I worked out). I have separated out my wardrobes between Greenport & NYC so I have a little less choice. Our office is pretty casual so I wear jeans and a top/sweater but in the summer I like to wear dresses, makes it easier. My favorite designer is Ruti. She's an Israeli designer I found years ago in Venice, CA. Her clothes fit me perfectly so I buy a number of items every season. Makeup is fairly simple... Vitamin C serum (from Heyday), Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream, YSL bronzer, Smashbox Eye Shadow palette, eye liner & mascara.

Commute Ritual

This is a fun one - Monday AM - take either 6:36 or 7:49am LIRR to Sayville. Drive 30 minutes to office in Westhampton Beach, NY. I leave my car at the train station over the weekend. Evenings I drive another 35 minutes to Greenport, NY where I sleep M/T/W nights.  Thursday AM - take the 4:50 or 5:35pm LIRR to Penn Station and subway back home. I work from home Fridays. I avoid most traffic because I am doing the reverse commute. I almost always work on the train. On my drives, I talk to my fiance and mom and listen to podcasts (Without Fail, How I Built This or Straight up with Stassi -- yup, you read that correctly).

Daytime Ritual

I am usually in my office all day, although I do go to our bakery 1-2 times a week for meetings (and to eat cookies!). I am on the phone often but easily zone out at the computer. I have always been able to just get into a zone and block out everything around me, but I easily move around tasks. I don't usually keep lists, I remember what has to be done. I will start writing things down when I feel like I have lost a handle on things.

Lunch Ritual

We have a service that drops off salads in a cooler, so 2 of the 4 days I'm in the office I eat those. The other two days I go to the grocery store and get a build your own salad.

Dinner Ritual

When in Greenport, I eat frozen dinners a couple of nights. One night I may go into the town and eat at a restaurant or grab a slice of pizza. I completely got out of the habit of cooking because I don't want to expend the effort to plan. I've gotten comfortable in this routine so it is what it is.

Night Ritual

I try to go to the gym in Greenport 1-2 nights a week. I started doing classes on the Peloton app on my phone. I have never been a runner but I am doing interval running classes or weights and core classes. After that I go home, shower, eat dinner (5 minute defrost!) and either watch a little TV, listen to a podcast I started in the car or play around on Instagram. I go to bed very early when I'm out in Greenport.

Weekend Ritual

Back home and hanging out with my fiance and friends. The first night is usually just relaxing because I'm tired from the week. I also use this time to get on the Peloton bike. This has been the best investment and I have become a huge devotee. I even stopped my gym membership in NYC. It's super uplifting and motivating for me.

High Brow Ritual

Monthly facials at Heyday. Manicures at Colorvat in UWS (AMAZING!!!!).

Low Brow Ritual

My frozen dinners??

Ritual Fail

I suppose whenever I forget something I wanted in NYC or Greenport.

Weekly Ask

Online shopping or stylist help! I want this part to be easier for me. [Message us on Instagram & we will share responses with Lauren.]

Repeat Purchases

Monat shampoo & conditioner | Neuropathica Vitamin C Serum | Smashbox eyeshadow palette | Evol Foods Frozen Dinners | YSL bronzer | Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream

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