No. 15

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Name: Ashleigh 
Age-ish: 38
City: Los Angeles
Day: Slangin’ Jewels at Milestones by Ashleigh Bergman
Night: Tequila and Housewives

Morning Ritual

Usually I am awoken by the sounds of one of my little ones ready to get out of bed. I pretend not to hear them so my hubby gets up to get them, which affords me an extra 1.93 minutes of shut eye. Usually my little one (almost two year old Ruby) is the first one to get up, around 6am, at which point my husband will drop her off to snuggle with me in bed. It is just the best. Those 5-10 minutes of sweet snuggly stillness. I really do cherish every second of that snuggle. Then usually 15 minutes later my 5 year old Greyson hops in bed too. My amazing hubby and I will tag team and jointly do breakfast and lunch making and then I will try to fit in a 2 minute shower while Ruby rummages through my makeup and headbands. Then I get Greyson ready for school while my hubs gets ready for work. Then it is coffee and school drop off time. (Editor’s Note: Would it be weird if I named my daughter Emerald?)

Commute Ritual

I feel like I am in the car A LOT. I have an office at home, but I am downtown at least 2 times a week for work, as well as all over town meeting with clients and jewelry designers. That combined with school drop offs/pick ups/after school activities equals lots of time to get a few good podcasts in. Favorite ones include: Hilary Kerr’s Second Life, Dax Sheppard’s Armchair Expert, Chelsea Handler’s Life will be the Death of Me, Goop, and The Barneys Podcast

Daytime Ritual 

The only thing that is ritualistic about my days is that I am constantly discovering beautiful jewelry and working to deliver it in my unique way to my clientele and audience. This can mean I am working on my social media, meeting with magazines, doing photo shoots for my website, meeting with new designers, pulling jewelry for clients, working on custom jewelry, and trying to put myself out there, though that can be the most intimidating part.  I am completely confident in my eye for jewelry, and sharing my taste and expertise...but learning to sell "myself" is a whole different ball game. It is very challenging for me, but I try to make it a daily experience to work on the facet that is the hardest for me.

Lunch Ritual

Depending on where I am I try my best to eat well at least 4 out of the 5 days a week. Because I am in a different part of town every day it always varies, but most days consists of a salad or sushi. I usually use lunch as an opportunity to catch up with a friend or have a work meeting twice a week. My days are shorter than the typical work day, so I try to make every activity count. And you can typically find me at La Scala for chopped salad once a week. The craving is REAL!

Dinner Ritual

My husband is a great cook, so most of the time he cooks while I am wrangling the munchkins. If he is out for work or out of town, it usually means I am heating up frozen Traders Joe’s or ordering in DoorDash.

Night Ritual

Luckily my kids are pretty well sleep trained and are lights out by 7:30. So although that means earlier wake ups, which IS torturous, I really value my time at night. Some nights that means catching up on work emails, enjoying having my manicurist come over for an in home service every other week, spending time connecting with my hubby, or catching up on my Housewives.

Weekend Ritual

Weekends are really about family for me. We might schedule in a playdate here and there, or attend a kids birthday party, but typically it consists of eating breakfast out, Mar Vista farmers market, enjoying the park, going swimming at my parents house, and visiting with extended family.  My husband and I try to go out 1 weekend night so we can decompress and connect. We really make it a point to make our relationship a priority amongst the chaos of work and family obligations. After all, we are the foundation of our life together, so even though it gets hard, we work on making sure the foundation is solid.

High Brow Ritual

I have to say that having my manicures at home is pretty awesome. It seems indulgent, but I really view it as a better use of my time!  Also, my husband and I really value and enjoy dining together, so that is something we splurge on. I am BIG on self care. I try to get a massage every couple of months.

Low Brow Ritual

Scoping out the T.J.Maxx HomeGoods store.  I always find the best deals and steals there!

Ritual Fail

Getting so wrapped up in getting the kids ready for school that I show up realizing I’m still wearing my house slippers.

Repeat Purchases

Soapwalla deodorant | Tru Alka Alkaline water delivery | Flowers (Trader Joe’s peonies, LA Flower Mart and Costco Roses) | Nespresso

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