No. 20

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Name: Ellie 
City: New York City
Day: Wife, Sister, Friend
Night: Cofounder and CEO of MNDFL

Morning Ritual

The first thing I do after using the bathroom, brushing my teeth, washing my face is my morning meditation. Then my husband usually brings me a decaf cappuccino and we spend some precious time together before we start our day. I usually try to exercise or move my body every morning and then come home for a quick breakfast (in the summer a shake, in the winter scrambled eggs with ghee) and head to the studio.

Commute Ritual

Usually a mix of my own two feet and the subway. Grateful for ease and efficiency in this department. I might be scrolling through my inbox responding to anything that can be answered quickly or needs immediate attention. My goal is to keep the inboxing for when I'm at my computer and introduce podcasts on the commute - old habits die hard.

Daytime Ritual

Studio, meetings, inbox, calls, meditation, teaching, lunch and chocolate - the order of which is subject to change on any given day.

Lunch Ritual

Lots of greens, protein and a piece of dark chocolate. I usually meditate again in the late afternoon once my food has digested.

Dinner Ritual

My favorite ritual is to order in or cook with my husband and share a meaningful conversation about our days, highs and lows etc. We usually order from the same favorite place.  That being said, it's NYC so I often find myself at events or dining out with friends too. Dinner is probably the least ritualistic part of my day.

Night Ritual

Hanging with my husband, cleaning my apartment, putting things in their rightful place, doing my nightly skin ritual and getting in bed. I feel really accomplished if I manage to read before bed. I used to go to bed after 12am, but my husband turned me into an early to bed, early to rise human and I'm so thankful for that. I've been thinking about introducing podcasts before bed into this ritual.

Weekend Ritual

Less is more: Less doing. More laying. I do manage to try to workout both weekend days though. Also, I try to avoid reading/responding/sending work emails unless it's absolutely necessary. I like to give the MNDFL team a real weekend too.

High Brow Ritual

Dr. Barbara Sturm products

Low Brow Ritual

A piece of dark chocolate after every meal except breakfast

Ritual Fail

No technology past 8:30pm

Weekly Ask

Based in New York? Use code BREATHE for a free first class at MNDFL

Repeat Purchases

Since it's summer, I'll give you the summer list: Perrier | Oatly Oat Milk | Virtue Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner | Local Pasture Eggs | Hu Kitchen Vanilla Quinoa Qrispy Chocolate Bar | Levi's jeans & AGOLDE jean shorts | Hollywood No Show Concealers | Summer dresses |  Sturms' hyaluronic serum, cleanser & blood cream | Grown Alchemist Hand Wash & Body Cream | Madewell Sunglasses | By Terry Baume de Rose

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