No. 23


Name: Sarah 
Age-ish: 36
City: Solihull, UK
Day: Self employed occupational therapist and personal trainer at
Night: Crazy cat lady, treasurer of a mental health charity, circus skills, home baker!

Morning Ritual

I am awoken at 5.30am by meowing cats, after I have managed to get them out the room, I go back to bed for an hour. I like to get up half an hour before my partner to shower and I make his lunch as he forgets to eat! - how do people do that? I then make myself breakfast, in winter I usually have overnight oats with berries, in the summer I tend to have peanut butter on toast.

Commute Ritual

I convinced my partner to move to a beautiful village, public transport is rubbish and he doesn’t drive so If I don’t have any clients booked in I will drive him to work as it’s the only time of the day we have each other’s full attention. On the way back I will listen to some music or an audiobook.

Daytime Ritual

My routine is varied. I love being active and will try to ensure that I am only at a desk for an hour at a time. I will drive to see my clients, prep sessions, plan workshops, have meetings with different professionals and charities. I try to be consistent with doing the same tasks on the same day. There tends to be a lull at about 4pm so I will use this time to meal prep and bake.

Lunch Ritual

Lunch is my favourite meal. If I can I will arrange to meet a friend or network in an independent cafe. Otherwise I will sit down with a bowl of soup or fry up some veggie sausages with veg. If I am on my own I will relax by playing a couple of games on my iPad.

Dinner Ritual

I tend to have my own workout at about 6pm so don’t usually get to eat dinner till 8pm. I will reheat whatever food I have prepped earlier in the day and me and my partner will curl up on the couch and find a film, antiques program or documentary to watch.

Night Ritual

After dinner I do any domestic tasks like laundry. I then love to have a long bath or shower. After this I will find a comedy podcast (Guilty Feminist, anything with David Mitchell and No Such Thing as a Fish are my fave).  I love being in bed by 22.22. I find the routine of it silly and enjoyable. I will fall asleep about an hour later.

Weekend Ritual

Weekends are busy. Saturday morning I will do an hour at the gym, go to a local bakery for fresh bread, catch up with my family online. Saturday afternoon I might go shopping or do some admin work and Saturday evening I love to go to the cinema or out for a meal and cocktails. Sunday morning I will usually go on or lead a 2-4 hour hike. I will then make myself a roast dinner and have a quiet afternoon in front of the tv.

High Brow Ritual

Twice a year I go to a fine dining Michelin starred restaurant. I believe in spending money on experiences and love this.

Low Brow Ritual

Going for a pint of cider with friends after the Sunday morning hike.

Ritual Fail

Back when London hosted the Olympics, one of my friends was seconded to work down there. She left me to supervise her husband and to get him “fit”. Each night, I would text him to find out if he wanted to go to the gym, each night he agreed and then, we would end up in the “chippy” eating fries. To this day we still go out for “gym chips”.

Weekly Ask

If anyone experiences barriers to getting active or managing stress then get in touch @moodlifterpt.

Repeat Purchases

Nakd Cocoa Orange bars | Hotel Chocolat Drinking Hot chocolate | Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant | Neom Candle (Scent to De-stress) | Jessica Phenomen Nail Oil

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