No. 25


Name: Jennie 
Age-ish: 36
City: New York City
Day: Co-Founder of Union Square Play and Founder of Mo' Mommies
Night: Being a mommy :) 

Morning Ritual

I set an alarm if I have to, otherwise my daughter, Tess, is my alarm. Around 6-7 a.m. If she's my alarm, I go into her room, bring her into our bed and we all cuddle for 10 minutes before I start her breakfast. Some of the cuddle sessions may or may not involve watching Daniel Tiger, which started out of desperation when I was in need of a few extra minutes of sleep early on in my pregnancy (I'm having another daughter November 4th!). But then, we all fell in love with Daniel and now we put it on occasionally just because. 

My wash up routine involves face cleanser by matrescence skin and then vitamin C serum for my pregnancy melasma finished off with this moisturizer that I love. 

If I'm setting an alarm for myself its for a workout with Body Conceptions  in my apartment or gym. They are an amazing workout for busy moms and I even created a postnatal package with them to gift to moms, it’s truly the most perfect newborn gift because it makes every mom better by helping them feel their best :) I work out in the morning 2-3 times a week.

Otherwise, I set an alarm to get up earlier than usual for a work event which usually entails a visit from glamsquad! If this is the case, Tess plays with her wide array of open ended play materials while I get primped, all of which can be found on my amazon storefront

Then we feast together before we part ways :)

Tess's breakfast includes: Goat yogurt and berries or Oatmeal. Always with one scrambled egg and cheese. 

My breakfast includes: oat milk and coffee (I take a few sips to just open my eyes) and scrambled eggs, avocado and flax seed. 

Commute Ritual 

It used to be a 10 block walk to Union Square Play but we just moved ten blocks further so its now an uber ride! On my commute I check emails, call my mom and order groceries via FoodKick and necessities via JetBlack. I take advantage of those 10-15 minutes above ground where I can focus on what I need to use my phone for! 

Daytime Ritual 

A usual day for me includes the morning routine described above, a commute to Union Square Play where I either teach class or lead mom’s groups. Otherwise I am there just to be present, oversee what’s happening, catch up with my incredible team and hold meetings. Otherwise I have meetings upstairs at Kellogg’s or at The Wing Flatiron. I love being immersed in playland at Union Square Play and love that my daughter gets to visit once or twice a day when she comes for a class. It can be bittersweet because although I get a quick hug, it’s usually between jam packed days of meetings with little time to chill in between! 

Lunch Ritual 

I pre order a salad at SweetGreen or order in Dr. Smood, Sadelle’s Beverly Salad via Caviar. If I venture out and am in need of fresh air, I walk to Just Salad or Daily Provisions for a chicken milanese sandwich. 

Dinner Ritual 

I try to be home for dinner for Tess every single night. Even if I have to be out after. If we eat at home, we try to cook (aka my husband does! It may mean heating up food our nanny made, The Culinistas made, or meat that was delivered via Mark’s Meats). If my husband and I do go out it’s usually for his work or dinner with friends, we rarely have a date night during the week because we’d just rather be with our daughter since we don’t get to during the day. We save date nights for weekends!

Night Ritual 

Many nights I am either on a panel, hosting an event at Union Square Play or at about once a week I squeeze in a dinner with friends. Some weeks are busier than others. Most weeks more recently I stay home for the night and am slowing down on evening events as I approach my due date!

Weekend Ritual 

We are very routine on the weekends. If its a NYC weekend, we all do our typical morning routine (see above) followed by my husband taking Tess for a walk either to CVS or the grocery store while I get some “mommy” time which is usually just a longer shower, a chance to call friends, or just to sit mindlessly on instagram! They almost always come back with a small toy for her. If its a weekend at our beach house in Atlantic Beach, Long Island, their morning excursion is to the car wash or CVS.

We then go to brunch all together at a restaurant in the neighborhood or the local diner if we’re in Long Island. Then we visit the park or our roof for some outside time. 

During her two hour nap we also try to nap or just snack and catch up on life! Most often the afternoon involves a playdate or kids birthday party and dinner is typically a night out without her or an early bird dinner at a restaurant with her.  Our weekends are very lowkey but the most special times.

High Brow Ritual

I spend approximately one hour per day researching child development play materials and publications. I am truly enamored with young children, their play and can spend endless time in a rabbit hole finding the best play inspiration through re-purposing objects and materials (“non toys”)

Low Brow Ritual

Daniel Tiger

Ritual Fail

I don’t “unplug” like...ever. I need to incorporate it into my routine!

Weekly Ask

Check out my blog and tell me what you want to see more of! I share who I am as a mom on @momommies because I believe it’s the most authentic way to build a business and become connected to your “tribe” but not sure how to best support moms with it! Also check out my amazon storefront, your children all deserve to play with open ended materials to inspire creativity, imagination and confidence with toys that have no “right” way of using them. 

Repeat Purchases 

Aritzia Leggings | Spanx Bras | Magnesium | Nipple Covers | Muslin Baby Towels | Rope Baskets | Babo Swim and Sport | Disposable Placemats

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