No. 27


Name: Anne 
Age-ish: 38
City: Brooklyn
Day: Mom / Cheesemonger

 Morning Ritual

Wake up, hit start on the coffee pot and become a short order cook for my family. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I'm much more obsessed about it than anyone else in my house is, but they definitely reap the benefits! I've usually got a pot of stone ground oats going, maybe some pancakes and bacon, and cheerios + mushy foods of some sort or another for my 10 month old.

Commute Ritual

I bike to our 'cave' in Red Hook almost every day, save for the rainiest and coldest... It's definitely one of the highlights of my day.

Daytime Ritual

There's never a ritual! I'm all over the place during the week, which is equal parts maddening and exciting. I'm bouncing between our cave in Red Hook, our shop in the Chelsea Market, and meeting with chefs and shop owners that we wholesale to. It's not uncommon for me to start the day in Brooklyn, head to Chelsea, then back to Red Hook, then BACK to the city for something. Writing it down makes me realize that I have a problem :)

Lunch Ritual

It's a stereotype that moms are the garbage disposals of the family. They eat the leftovers and the stuff that might otherwise go to waste. When I lived in Italy, the matriarch of the family I stayed with always ate the chicken necks and chicken feet... the parts that weren't high on anyone else's list. That's me to a certain extent. I am a leftovers fanatic. To me it's like some kind of mental refrigerator Tetris where I need to make the matches so the blocks / food disappears.

Dinner Ritual

I am trying to get better about this. I've realized that if I can just choose a recipe ahead of time I can assemble a somewhat low stress, complete meal. But I usually don't do that. I usually come home, see what's in the fridge, and throw something together that resembles most of the food groups. An area for improvement for sure, but at least I'm cooking!!

Night Ritual

Organizing the house. Again, not something I would have envisioned liking to do 10 years ago, but fast forward to my present day life, three kids later, and I LOVE a good clean up ritual. It brings peace! Sometimes I'll read a book and take a bath. I should probably do that more! :)

Weekend Ritual

Saturdays we usually hang around the neighborhood (we live in Prospect Heights) and go to the Botanic Garden or zoo or swimming or soccer or some other kid activity. A stop at the Grand Army farmer's market is in order most weekends. My kids are experts at trying all the 'examples' (as they call them) from the different vendors.

High Brow Ritual

Going out to nice dinners. One of the perks about working in the food industry is getting treated VERY well when you go out. The industry is kind of like a family, and everyone wants to take care of each other. Being able to go out to a nice meal is just the best.

Low Brow Ritual

Getting ALL the trashy weekly tabloids whenever I fly anywhere.

Ritual Fail

Realizing how much time is actually in a day!

Repeat Purchases

White Moustache Yogurt | Early Bird Granola | Fancy Coffee | Malia Mills Swimwear | Undergarments from Azaleas | Clogs

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