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Name: Serena 
City: New York
Day: Chef/Author/Woman of the Internet
Night: Podcaster, bath aficionado, skincare enthusiast, consumer of medium-trashy literature

Morning Ritual

I usually wake up around 6:45ish during the week. Unless I have to make an early meeting or event, I'll roll straight out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and head to my living room to do a Melissa Wood Health workout. These workouts are a hybrid of yoga and pilates, and they always leave me feeling strong, grounded and happy. Working out first thing in the a.m. helps keep my anxiety at bay and gets my day off to a productive start, so I've really tried to prioritize it the past couple years. (I used to go to hot flow yoga most mornings, but I started doing primarily Melissa workouts about a year ago, and it's changed the game. The low-impact at home workouts have saved me at least an hour every morning by cutting out the class commute. And daily hair washing--praise be.) After my workout, I usually take a quick shower and then spend about half an hour in my robe drinking coffee (out of my beloved Yeti tumbler) and responding to any urgent emails or DMs before getting dressed and kicking off the official work day.

Commute Ritual

Since I work from home, I don't technically have a commute, but I am constantly running around NYC to meetings/events/shoots or simply to the grocery store for recipe testing ingredients, so I we'll call that my commute for the sake of rituals. ;) I try to walk whenever possible to get some fresh air (and also because I hate the subway and traffic is always a nightmare) and listen to a podcast en route. Podcasts are such great portable entertainment, and I feel like I'm always learning something new in my "free time."

Daytime Ritual 

The nature of my job means that no two days really look the same (my life looks very different when I'm actively writing a book, versus when I'm in a launch/promotional book phase and focusing more on other professional opportunities), which can be a little triggering for my anxiety. I thrive on routine and consistency, so I do my best to build in small rituals where I can. Honestly, I'm not very good at it ;), and the only one I'm pretty consistent with is making myself a cup of ginger tea around 4pm.

Lunch Ritual

If I'm at home, I try to take 15 minutes to make myself a healthy lunch that I'm really excited to eat--whether that's reheating leftovers or making a quick salad or skillet meal. I call this my #sassydesklunch, even though I often eat it at the counter in my kitchen. I sometimes eat while responding to DMs/emails or writing, but I've been making a conscious effort this year to take a true break during lunch and listen to a podcast or read a chapter of my book. Building true breaks into my day tends to increase my overall productivity by leaps and bounds.

Dinner Ritual

Most weeknights, I'll make dinner. It's something I enjoy, but it's also technically "work," since I typically film easy weeknight dinners for Instagram while I'm cooking. Logan gets home around 8pm, so we'll usually eat around 815/830 and catch up. Hands down my favorite part of the day. (He does the dishes.;))

Night Ritual

After dinner, Logan and I will usually watch a show on the couch and then get ready for bed. I do my nighttime skincare routine, which takes about ten minutes total, but I love it. There's something meditative about the whole process, and I find it surprisingly relaxing.

Weekend Ritual

Logan and I live to stay in on Friday nights. I make what we call the "pasta," which is brown rice or Banza pasta with roasted cauliflower, chicken breast, goat cheese, and my favorite spinach pesto (a recipe from my first cookbook). Logan makes us cocktails and he'll sit at the kitchen counter and chat with me while I cook, and then we'll hit to couch with our bowls and watch whatever show we happen to be bingeing. I don't remember exactly how or when this tradition started, but I look forward to it all week.

Weekend days vary depending on what we have going on professionally/socially, but we always start our mornings with coffee in bed. On Saturdays, there's usually some College GameDay involved (read: Logan watches GameDay and I read or tackle some Instagram messages because I don't understand football), and on Sundays we usually cry along to whatever heart-wrenching or inspiring human interest story CBS Sunday Morning chooses to throw at us.

Sunday nights are for Rubirosa. Barring travel or extreme illness, my husband and I can always be found at this magical Italian restaurant in Soho every Sunday night around 5:30pm. Weather permitting we'll walk from our place in Chelsea, post up at our usual seats at the bar and split a Caesar salad and a half Tie-Dye (vodka sauce with fresh mozzarella and pesto), half Rubirosa Supreme (pepperoni, mini meatballs, roasted garlic and basil) pizza washed down with a couple Other Half IPAs. The food is amazing, the space is so cozy, and the bartenders and staff treat us like family (probably because we see them more than our actual families?). Needless to say, the walk home is significantly slower. We've been doing this for years now, and I now can't imagine my life without this feel good ritual.

High Brow Ritual

Facials! I'm an unabashed skincare junkie, and a good facial is my absolute favorite indulgence. Don't judge me, but I usually get two a month--one microcurrent facial at SB Skin and one laser genesis facial at TriBeca Medspa. These facials are one of the few things I do where I'm fully unplugged, (and I'm really working hard to unplug more), plus I've developed really wonderful friendships with my facialists, and I look forward to seeing them ;).

Low Brow Ritual

I love trashy magazines like US Weekly, Star, OK, etc. Honestly, I don't read them as much as I'd like, but whenever I'm in an airport, I will stock up and spend my pre-boarding/flight time getting my celebrity gossip fix. I pride myself on knowing absolutely useless details of any and all (alleged) celebrity scandals.

Ritual Fail

I keep trying to be someone who meditates. I am not someone who meditates.

Weekly Ask

If you're in the market for some delicious and healthy dinner recipes, I'd be honored if you would check out my new book The Dude Diet Dinnertime: 125 Clean(ish) Recipes for Weeknight Winners and Fancypants Dinners.

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