No. 29


Name: Grace
Age-ish: 31
City: Scranton, PA
Day: Director of Strategy and Operations, McGregor Industries
Night: Reader, Active Community Member

Morning Ritual

Pre-pregnancy (my husband and I are expecting our third baby!), one of my New Year's resolutions was to get up early and spend a few minutes exercising or preparing for the day before my 4 year old and 2 year old wake up. Now that I'm expecting, I wake up when the kids do - typically around 6:30! I get them dressed while my husband showers and gets ready, then we switch and he does breakfast duty while I get dressed. Mornings with kids always kind of feel like a fire drill to get out the door on time!

Commute Ritual

I am SO lucky that my whole world is basically within a three mile radius. My husband drives our daughter to daycare and I drive or walk my son the 6 blocks to his school. I then drive another mile to my office. Its a quick drive, but I usually call my mom to check in or I listen to NPR's Morning Edition.  About once a week, I stop by the UPS store on the way to drop off my Rent the Runway Unlimited return.

Daytime Ritual

I work in my family's steel manufacturing and construction business, which is celebrating 100 years in business this year! It's great in a lot of ways, and I am extremely lucky to work alongside my father every day. Because we are a small business, I wear a lot of hats, so every day is a little different. Some days I'm on the road to Philly to Boston for sales meetings, other days I'm in the office pricing upcoming projects, and pretty much everyday, I am working with our team to schedule production and meet the ever increasing demands of our customers. We recently implemented AirTable as an all purpose Project Management tool, and it has been a life saver!

Lunch Ritual

Since I live so close to our plant, I drive home for lunch almost every day! Really, I highly suggest small town living! My dad always came home for lunch when I was growing up, so I continue to do the same. Gives me a chance to clear my head and reset (and change the wash!)

Dinner Ritual

My husband is an absolute angel, and has usually started dinner by the time I get home with the kids. We just got an Instant Pot and - let me tell you - it has been a game changer!! Most days, weather depending, we will take a walk around our neighborhood, and stop in to see my parents - they only live a block away! Even though I work with my dad, we really are able to partition off work issues when we see each other at home!

Night Ritual

I love reading books to the kids at night. We subscribe to Literati - and we get the best, age appropriate books for the kids! HIGHLY recommend!  Once the kids are in bed, my husband and I usually read before bed. I find it helps me unwind better than TV. The last few years, we have set the goal of 52 books per year each! I typically hit around 45, but this year I completed by 52nd book in September! (Editor’s Note: I warned you! No one masters a goal quite like Grace!)

Weekend Ritual

As I said before, my husband is pretty great, and usually lets me sleep in on the weekends for an extra hour or so! I say it’s pay back for the night wake ups I do when nursing our babies, but it’s mostly because he's a good guy!  Usually we try to fill weekend days with fun family activities outside, and most Saturday nights I try to get a babysitter so my husband and I can feel like actual adults and go to dinner!

My family has always been active in politics, and in 2016 I was elected as a delegate for Hillary Clinton to the Democratic National Convention, and got pretty involved in both grass roots and fundraising for her. Since then, I have tried to stay as involved as I can in both local and national politics, so we usually have an event or two to attend or some doors to knock on! I try to include the kids in as much as I can so they understand the importance of civic involvement from an early age!

High Brow Ritual

I love a good spa day!  And a fancy glass of champagne when I'm not pregnant!

Low Brow Ritual

While I love a fancy meal as much as the next girl, I am also a BIG fan of McDonald's coffee and the Domino's Pizza App. Hey, chains are successful because they’re good right?

Ritual Fail

Where do I begin... Actually waking up early. I wish I could do it consistently, because I know it would really set me up for success in my day, but I just like sleep too much!!!

Weekly Ask

Please please please register to vote and vote in November 2019! State and local elections are just as important as national ones, so do your civic duty!!

Repeat Purchases

Rent the Runway Unlimited for work and casual clothes | Supergoop CC Cream | Wegman's Gummy Prenatal Vitamins | Nespresso Pumpkin Coffee Pods | KiwiCo Boxes and Literati for the kids

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