No. 3


Name: Rosana
Age-ish: 40ish
City: Silver Spring
Day: Personal Stylist
Night: Wife & Mom of 3

Morning Ritual

Morning Routine 1 starts with my alarm at 5 am. Sometimes I don't actually get up until 5:30 am. The first thing I do before I even get out of bed is drink a large glass of water I set by my nightstand each evening. Then, I wash my face and immediately splash on Rose Water Toner and Vitamin C serum. Once I hit my 40s, I started to really pay attention to skin care with a routine I stick to each morning and evening. It is a routine, but the ritual of taking time to care for myself, physically, helps me prepare for the day. I head downstairs in my PJs, grab my coffee, and settle in to take care of my top three business tasks for the morning. The first usually involves posting to social media. The next two can be anything from email follow ups with clients to finalizing client lookbooks to reviewing draft style memos to paying bills to handling payroll. I keep it to the top three things and set a timer because once I start getting into the weeds of all the "desk" work of my job, I can easily lose track of time and space. I give myself until 7:00 am to finish these tasks before I start...

Morning Routine 2! I quickly wake up my teen at 6:30 and then head back downstairs to finish my three tasks. She doesn't need me to do anything for her in the morning and she is out of the door to school by 7:30. I am upstairs getting dressed at 7 am. In terms of ritual, I start with shoes always. I am on often on my feet 6-10 hours a day so shoe choice is a crucial decision. It dictates the rest of my outfit. Getting ready takes 15- 20 minutes because I have a formula for outfits (same one I have my clients use) and a really tightly edited closet. I am dressed in five minutes and hair/makeup takes me literally 10-15 minutes. I not only have an everyday outfit formula, but I also have a no-fuss skin/makeup routine that elevates my look a bit and gets me out the door quickly. I have been using Maskcara beauty products. I am NOT a fan of products that are sold through Facebook with reps, at parties, etc. but a good friend who is a makeup artist told me this would be a great brand and solution for me since I am so minimal with my makeup routine.  It has cut my makeup routine down by half and I no longer use any other beauty products since it is an all-in-one solution!

 I wake up my two younger (11 and 8 years old) children and husband and 7:30 am. My husband and I help the boys get going with breakfast, lunch, and reminders about teeth, shoes, etc. I kiss them goodbye -- always -- and am out the door by 8 am to my first client.

Commute Ritual

I have no less than four commutes per day since I am traveling in between client homes, shopping locations, and various meetings. I joke that the only other profession that rivals my profession in terms of driving is a traveling salesman. When I am commuting, I always have a podcast on. The three types of podcasts I listen to are business, fashion, retail, or true crime. On regular rotation are Pop Fashion (my friend Kaarin is one of the hosts and a retail and fashion writer), How I Built This, and American Fashion. I am also listening to the latest installment of Serial and was hooked on Dirty John and Slow Burn when those came out.  Once a week I also treat myself to a no-driving day to give myself a break from behind the wheel. I Uber or Lyft to all my appointments. Even though I am working, it feels so luxurious to be driven all over town!

Daytime Ritual

I communicate with my husband several times a day. With two ambitious, career-focused parents and three active children, there is a lot of planning, logisticizing, and decision making that happens throughout the day. The ritual of communicating with him during breaks throughout the day is grounding for me. Growing a business is always hectic and often overwhelming. Staying connected even if it’s a quick “Hi!! Thinking of you!” keeps me focused on what is important.

Lunch Ritual

I am a creature of habit. I eat almost the same thing everyday. If my break is at Nordstrom in between shopping with clients, I get the tomato basil soup with four crostini. If I am stopping somewhere in between clients, I will always find a Le Pain Quotidien so I grab their lentil salad. I also always have snacks in the car -- salted cashews, oranges, and bananas.

Dinner Ritual

I dislike cooking. I know it’s necessary, but I don’t enjoy it and never have. So, when it is my turn to cook, I stick with simple recipes that use fresh ingredients. My favorite go-to dinner is linguine pasta tossed with garlic sauteed in olive oil, fresh chopped tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Night Ritual

I still read to my kids almost every night. Even the teenager will come in and listen sometimes to books I am reading with my 8-year-old. We still read some of the same books we read when they were really young. Again, creatures of habit! It is is a reminder, though, that although they are all so very independent these days, they do still want and need those sweet, simple moments with us.  l shower in the evenings instead of morning because my mornings are so busy. I moisturize afterwards with Aquaphor. Also, no matter how tired I am, I wash my face and moisturize every night. I exfoliate with Dermalogica daily facial scrub. I moisturize with Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum, Dermalogica Vitamin C serum, and Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil.

Weekend Ritual

We have several rituals that are 10-plus years old. First, we watch a movie as a family. It is getting more difficult trying to find a movie that works for an 8-year-old boy, and 11-year-old boy, and a 14-year-old girl, but we try our hardest to get everyone on the same couch watching the same thing! That means sometimes someone is making a concession and not getting exactly what they want, which I think is a healthy practice. Saturdays and Sundays are spent on some sporting field with our kids. We are in that season of life where we are chauffeurs for our kids' activities. It is time consuming, but I love being on the sidelines watching them do their thing.  My husband and I always have coffee in bed together on the weekend. We also make a big pancake breakfast every weekend for the whole family.

High Brow Ritual

My husband and I love to eat out. Our date nights take place 2-3 times a month. We go out to the best restaurants in Washington, D.C. For me, it is the most decadent and luxurious ritual to eat food that is culinary art.

Low Brow Ritual

Tuesdays are my office day and I take a lunch break every Tuesday on my couch. I watch Vanderpump Rules with a giant bowl of salad. It makes me so happy.

Ritual Fail

This has to be yoga. I have gotten into yoga three times as an adult and it has lasted about three months each time only to fall off. I am thinking I am due to revisit this ritual fail again in the next month or so!

Weekly Ask

As I mentioned above, I do not enjoy cooking. I would love more go-to recipes that have no more than six ingredients and no more than six steps. Send them to

Repeat Purchases

Alteya Rose Water Toner | Dermalogica Vitamin C serum | Dermalogica Daily Facial Scrub | Dermalogica Night Repair Serum | Maskcara Sandy Highlight | Maskcara Rose Gold Illuminator | Maskcara Plum Blush | Aquaphor | Mario Badescu Facial Mist | Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

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