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Name: Jessica
Age-ish: 39.85-ish
City: New York City
Day: I co-own The Participation Agency with my business partner Ruthie.  I’m the Chief Creative Officer and since a lot of the innovation has to come from my brain, I spend a lot of time stimulating my sensory abilities to unlock transformative ideas.
Night: At night I remain a creative.  I believe you have to be a student of your craft at all times so I spend as many waking hours as possible making things, inventing, creating and learning.  I’m a life-long sewer and I recently took an amazing class at the Textile Arts Center which up-leveled my sewing game so I sew for at least an hour a night.  I also consume copious amounts of art books, documentaries, and podcasts while I make all kinds of shit.

Morning Ritual

I wake up at 5 am not because I want to but because my cat Amelie has gotten into the habit of meowing in my ear until I feed her and our other cat, Kendrick Lamar.  I go back to bed until 7 am. I wake up again and spend time hugging and kissing my boyfriend, artist Gosha Levochkin.  We both feel being intimate and emotional first thing in the morning sets us up for a day of feeling loved.  I get out of bed around 7:15 am and stretch in front of a mirror. I get in the shower after that and then start the bio-hacking! Gosha makes me a vegan protein shake every morning and I lay out all of our daily supplements and vitamins:  probiotics, B-active, Resveratin PLUS, D, E and so on.  I make a water drink with Rehydration from The Morrison Center, Minerals, and OptiMag.  Then I get dressed! I love fashion and wearing fun outfits that make me smile. I committed last year to only purchasing second hand to help reduce production waste. It’s given me a bigger budget for buying and a lot more crazy stuff to work with!  I am vehemently against toxic female beauty products like nail polish, foundation and make-up with colors in it. I work instead on beautifying my skin from the inside out and always use sun protection. I use RMS Luminizer pretty exclusively since it’s made with coconut oil and not much else.  Women are already beautiful, we don't need all these toxic makeup rituals!

Commute Ritual

I live in South Williamsburg and work in the Lower East Side so this allows me to walk to work over the Williamsburg Bridge if it’s nice out or I take the train one stop to Essex, and then a ten-minute walk to work.  Walking in the morning helps me to get into a zone where I can focus when I get to work and I use the time to intentionally plan what I want to accomplish that day. This time also lets me have a big creative release and the best ideas come to me.  I like to listen to loud music on big headphones or the Oprah Super Soul Sunday podcast, depending on my mood.

Daytime Ritual

Meditation is becoming a bigger part of my life. I feel too energized and excited during the morning to meditate at home so I take about 20 minutes around 11 to meditate at work.  I like to take walks around the Lower East Side during the day and see who’s out and what’s up.

Lunch Ritual

I am on a path to go plastic free. I make my lunch to reduce the plastic waste that comes with food delivery and I pack cloth napkins and things into a Ripstop backpack I made for myself last year.  It has compartments for all the things you need to live plastic free so that I don’t forget anything on my way out the door. I eat at my desk while watching new videos on Nowness, Gaia or just keep working.  I’m usually really excited about whatever I’m working on and don’t want to take too much time outside of my committed day time hours to run out to lunch.  

Night Ritual

I work out with my trainer Joyce Franco, (who actually is giving me the tone I never had at almost 40) at 6:30 pm, 2 or 3 nights a week.  When I don’t have Joyce I work out on my own, take a yoga class or do Soul Cycle. I intentionally chose no children and am very happy about it so I purposely commit to being in shape since I have that time for myself that is so hard to get when you’re a parent.   If I’m not working out, I’ll see friends or go to a nighttime event. I also speak to a medical intuitive once a week for two hours so whenever I have her on my schedule, I leave the rest of the night free because the session is usually deep, intense and may involve some crying.  I end every night with Gosha. We laugh a lot about something that happened or fill each other in on any big creative breakthroughs or accomplishments.

Dinner Ritual

Gosha and I are militant vegans.  We are animal and planet lovers who are deeply committed to a fully vegan lifestyle.  Our dinners are usually all green in color - we eat tons of broccoli, spinach, kale and vegan home made pesto.  We set a beautiful table together when we’re home for dinner with lots of pottery dishes and tiny cloth napkins, mostly that I sewed out of fabrics I love.  The food experience is very visual for me and the more beautiful my place settings are, the more I enjoy the food. I have struggled my whole life with eating disorders and food phobias. I am finally in a mental place where food doesn’t scare me (Mostly!  But with a few exceptions). I find the ritual of making food and making the setting around it beautiful gives me an inner sense of calm while eating.

Weekend Ritual

I usually do a fair amount of work on the weekends, but in a different way.  I use this time to tap into the most creative projects or needs of my clients and try to really feel into what’s needed.  I work in SketchUp and I use the weekends to play around in different design plugins and learn new skills, or learn a new program like Blender.  Then it’s back to the studio and I’ll sew while Gosha paints. Gosha and I also own Dirty Hands, an art class studio experience.  I often take a class there on the weekends to level up my watercolor skills, and meet new and interesting people.  I work out in some way every weekend, even if it’s dancing alone in the yoga room in my building for 30 minutes.  I also try to see friends and be social. I’m generally an extrovert so I like to be around creative and inspiring people as often as I can.  Gosha and I stopped drinking this year since we have so many goals. We’re exploring new ways to have fun that don’t involve hangovers while remaining social.  Alcohol is the new tobacco. We opt for rock climbing, shooting pool or bowling instead.

High Brow Ritual

Bio-hacking and making my own skin products. I make a sugar, coconut oil and honey scrub which I apply while taking long baths while listening to podcasts. As much as I majorly respect parents and am in love with my business partner’s children, being child-free and indulging in self-care is divine for me!

Low Brow Ritual

Eating at By Chloe. It’s vegan, it’s delicious but it feels like fast food.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but this is usually my “fuck it” meal when I’m going for it.

Ritual Fail

My transition to a plastic-free life is very hard!  Plastic is in everything and the more you eliminate, the more you realize it’s in something else, too.  I have changed a lot of my buying habits to accommodate a zero waste life but I can’t say I’m all the way there like I hoped to be.

Weekly Ask

If anyone has more tips on how they are going plastic or waste free, please share them my way at I would especially appreciate your tips around pet needs and household items.  We’re working on an anti-plastic waste campaign at the PA, and I’d love to collect more strategies from people for us to share.

Repeat Purchases

RMS Living Luminizer | Mint, ginger, and lemons | Megaflora Probiotics | Fresh flowers | Shopping on The Real Real

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