No. 6


Name: Marissa
Age-ish: 29
City: New York City
Day: Garden / Cooking / Nutrition / Food Justice Teacher At An Elementary and Middle School in East Harlem
Night: Classpass Enthusiast, In Bed By 9

Morning Ritual

I'm usually up ~7:30. I love mornings, but the boyfriend not so much. Ryan usually tries to convince me to snuggle, and I usually tickle his feet then open the blinds to get him out of bed. I turn on the Keurig before I brush my teeth, because priorities. I'm on a constantly changing medicine regimen, so I cross my fingers that I filled my pill box correctly, put in the contacts, and once or twice a week, I'll put on Nars Velvet eyeliner.  We watch the news while we're getting ready. I wear jeans, sneakers, and a rotation of the same black, grey, white, and turquoise lululemon t-shirts every day. I'm in that phase where we never know whether we're sleeping at his place or mine, and this quasi-uniform makes life so much easier.  I eat dinner for breakfast, sometimes at home and sometimes at work, depending on what the day's schedule looks like. This morning it was hard boiled eggs and cucumbers. Yesterday it was leftover brisket from Passover. It's often salad, lentil pasta, beans, or whatever else is in the fridge.

Commute Ritual

If we're at his apartment, we stop at Guy and Gallard. The lady knows and loves us. I get another coffee, he gets iced tea, and he drops me off at the subway on his walk to work. If we're at mine, we go straight to the subway, or if I have the time, I'll walk the 35 minutes to work. If I get a seat on the subway, I read theSkimm and the NYT Morning Briefing. If I don't get a seat or I'm walking, I listen to my podcasts (This American Life, Modern Love, TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics, Sporkful, Gastropod) or my books (most recent: Shrill by Lindy West). When we move in together next month, I'm convinced I'll start commuting by scooter.

Daytime Ritual

Never a dull moment. My students are 3K (pre-pre-K) through 8th grade, and I can have anywhere from 2-4 classes a day, after school clubs, lunch or recess clubs, parent programming, Professional Development, etc. etc. etc. I get 10,000 steps a day by the time I'm home from work.

Lunch Ritual

I heavily meal prep on Sundays, and I mix and match my food to make all sorts of meal combinations throughout the week. We have a massive pantry with lots of spices and grains in our kitchen classroom, which makes lunch super fun. And I can always go to the school salad bar or eat kitchen class leftovers.  Lunch can happen as early as 10:30 or as late as 2. Or I'll graze all day and never sit down for a real meal. I can't make it through the work day without a kombucha or a hippie hot chocolate - cocoa powder, maple syrup and boiling water.

Dinner Ritual

Dinner is almost always from my aforementioned meal prep. The three heaviest items on my rotation: 1. red lentil pasta with Rao's tomato sauce. 2. Cauliflower, lentil, coconut curry. 3. Roasted veggies with chicken sausage or rotisserie chicken. I always snack after dinner, often on Bamba, dried mango or pistachios.

Night Ritual

I require a brain break after work. I do a classpass class, go on the Peloton, go for a run, or do at home yoga. I can usually get home and heat up dinner before Ryan's home, so as soon as he gets home from work, we sit down and eat. We catch up, gossip, and complain about work, then we watch TV. If we're super chatty, we'll find something mindless like The Great British Baking Show or Shark Tank. Otherwise, it's The Bachelor or any of their franchise, Netflix originals like Special and Atypical, or something from my DVR'ed collection like Grey's, SVU, or This Is Us.  If I'm not in bed by 9, I start getting anxious that I'm not going to get enough sleep.

Weekend Ritual

In my dream ritual, I would sleep til 8, be at Trader Joe's by 8:30, run on the water or through Central Park, have brunch or dinner and lots of wine with my ladies, and be in bed by 10. In reality, there is no weekend ritual. I'm often visiting my siblings and my munchkin nieces and nephews or my parents, or I'm out of town celebrating something for one of my seven weddings this year.

High Brow Ritual

Eastern Medicine things. I pay a stupid amount of money for CBD, acupuncture, and oils.

Low Brow Ritual

$29 Chinese foot massages have saved my life.

Ritual Fail

The NYC subway is always happy to disrupt anyone's morning ritual.

Repeat Purchases

Bombas | (not to be confused with…) Bamba | Turmeric Gummies | Rao’s Tomato Sauce | Lentil Pasta | Nars Velvet Eyeliner | Grown Alchemist Cream Cleanser | Doterra Oils | Newman’s Own K Cups | Dr. Bronner’s Soap

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