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Name: Robbie
Age-ish: 36
City: Los Angeles (sometimes New York)
Day: Fitness Professional
Night: Creative: Actress, Photographer and Fashion Designer

Morning Ritual

I teach part-time for Equinox as a group fitness instructor, so I wake up very early to lead the first classes at one (sometimes two) of five Los Angeles locations most days. But before I head out I always sit down for a coffee, followed by some manifestations/spiritual work. Days I miss both, or one of these things are bumpy, so remembering this keeps me from hitting snooze when my alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m.

Commute Ritual

Unfortunately I commute by car in Los Angeles, which is an adjustment after years of public transportation and traveling by foot or bike in New York. But the good news is I don't have to go farther than 30 minutes most days, which is a blessing in L.A. traffic. So to productively and safely use that time I usually extend that morning-at-home spiritual practice with a podcast or online sermon and on the way home, I catch up with my Dad (who is the funniest person I know) or schedule a business call.

Daytime Ritual

Since I'm done teaching workouts and have already even done my own by the time most people are headed to work, I gratefully spend my days being creative. As an actress and screenwriter, depending on the day, I am either auditioning, on set filming, or in a coffee shop (or bar) writing. I also sew - 50% for fun, 50% for profit - so I also feed my creativity behind my sewing machines as a fashion designer. And lastly/most recently, after years of being a lifestyle model and fitness editor, I enjoy creative directing and shooting photos for various fellow creatives, social media influencers and brands. Busy and love it!

Lunch Ritual

Food! My favorite part of every day! Because I create my own schedule it makes creating my meals and snacks easy and fun. For breakfast, I carb load in order to prepare for the first hours of my day being covered in sweat. I love toast or a multigrain waffle with peanut butter, bananas and when the craving hits hard, donuts! Lunch, which is more like brunch, is protein heavy - to help me refuel post "work” outs and get ready for the rest of the day. I love eggs, so a scramble packed with veggies or the same rolled in a tortilla (for my eat in the car days) are my go-tos. I don't snack often, but if I do it's usually almonds and Cutie oranges - which both live in my gym bag and purse at all times.

Dinner Ritual

Most days this is the only time I get to eat while sitting down, so I try and make it nice. I love to cook and usually play with salmon or chicken, throw together a big salad (I love salads) or grill some vegetables, and then pair it all with brown rice (which I make a ton of on Sundays). Dessert is almost always wine or whiskey and occasionally a piece of chocolate!

Night Ritual

Since I get up early, I have to start winding down at around 8:30 so I can be in the bed by 9:30 and sleep by 10:30. It's a process, but not so bad if I disconnect from technology by 8:30. I can sew or read until 9:30 because they both relax me, but I absolutely have to be lying down by 10:00 at the latest. On nights when I’m off schedule or my mind is racing, Headspace meditations are godsend! Also, I always lay out my clothes for the next day. I live in Lycra, and fitness fashion is so fun, so I love trying to mix and match my leggings and sports bras in different creative ways each night in prep for the next day's classes/workouts.

Weekend Ritual

I try my hardest not to work on the weekends! I love sleeping in and starting my day with a workout that I don't have time to do during the week - which is often a hike or yoga. Sometimes I just skip the workout all together and do all my local errands on foot since I live in the heart of Hollywood. Then I just let the weekend lead me. Not having plans is such a relief after five days of heavy scheduling. Plus, I am naturally very spontaneous, so I need to feed this part of me by just going with the flow for 48 hours.

High Brow Ritual

I love signature cocktails! My favorite thing to do is browse publications that highlight "best of bars" for different neighborhoods so I can try new drinks, see new neighborhoods and meet new people. P.S. Which, 90% of the time is a solo adventure.

Low Brow Ritual

Hunting down fabric. My favorite part about sewing and being a fashion designer is finding fabric. I have gotten really good at gauging the quality of fabric by touch alone, so snagging high quality fabric at a low cost brings me indescribable joy! Check out my designs @georgiasgems.

Ritual Fail

Thinking I can drink my morning coffee in the car as opposed to at home. Despite being a former dancer, I am very clumsy. My car always smells like coffee because I have spilled many of cups trying to drink and drive.

Weekly Ask

I would love to know where the best whiskey bars are in Los Angeles! I'm sure there are some underground spots that these "best of" lists are missing out on.  Message me @radexperience.

Repeat Purchases

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara & True Match Foundation | Eco Clear Hair Gel | Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning | Dark Horse Rosé | Deva Curl No Poo Conditioner | Trader Joe’s Spray On Sunscreen | Nike Epic React & Presto (black) | Amazon Fragrance Free Baby Wipes | Dark Chocolate M&M's

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