No. 9


Name: Holly
Age-ish: 45-ish
City: San Antonio
Day: Creator of Supergoop!
Night: Spending time with my family, entertaining and staying fit

Morning Ritual

A splash of cold water on my face right after I wake up, followed by a workout of some kind, depending on where I am. (I take private Pilates classes when I’m home in San Antonio, and I go to SoulCycle classes if I’m traveling to LA, SF or NYC.)

Commute Ritual

Since I live in San Antonio, I drive to work and either take our daughter, Emery, or our son, Will, to school on the way. (Our kiddos go to different schools, so my husband and I share in this responsibility unless one of us is traveling.) My commuter essentials are a crushed iced coffee, Supergoop! Hand Cream with SPF 40, the latest “How I Built This” podcast and either Emery or Will in the passenger seat! And I do travel a lot for work, so it’s not uncommon for some of my commutes to involve planes and trains in addition to automobiles. While I’m in the air, I always have an Evian water, Bombas socks, my iPad, extra chargers and more Supergoop! SPF by my side. Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 is a great way to easily reapply your SPF in-flight!

Daytime Ritual

A typical day for me includes waking up, catching up on the news with a side of Slack, working out, getting my kids ready for school, getting myself ready for a full day of work (all thanks to my Supergoop! SPF wardrobe) and then getting us all out the door to take on the day. Once I’m in the office, I’ll usually have a mix of things going on...meetings with our product development team, calls with my marketing team in NYC and a healthy dose of networking in between.

Lunch Ritual

Our office is at The Pearl in San Antonio, so there are plenty of lunch options nearby. Supper at the Hotel Emma is a favorite of mine when we have lunch meetings, but truthfully, I’ve found that lunch kind of slows me down and makes me more times than not, I’ll grab a protein drink or have a handful of almonds.

Dinner Ritual

My husband and I always try to eat dinner together with our two kiddos. Most of the time we make something easy that I know the kids love, like tacos, but our healthier go-to dinner we all agree on is grilled salmon and a couple of green vegetables.

Night Ritual

I take a bath every night before bedtime, and then I apply Caudalie Detox Oil because it smells so good. Last step: I Cocofloss after brushing my teeth for a kissably clean smile before bed!

Weekend Ritual

The weekends are usually devoted to more family time with a little bit of work or travel sprinkled in. That being said, we make it a point to all be at home together on Friday nights for homemade pizzas, no matter what. My son plays baseball and golf and my daughter is really into horseback riding, so I try to be a part of both of those weekend activities as much as possible. Being outside with them also gives me a chance to really “stress test” our new SPF formulas that are in the development stage for performance, texture and feel. While our team has really grown over the past couple of years, and many of my roles and responsibilities have changed, product development is still something I hold onto tightly––and who doesn’t love being able to call “work” doing something outside and having fun in the sun!?

High Brow Ritual

Private Pilates sessions. My instructor, Richard, and I alternate Pilates with a little bit of weightlifting. I made the commitment almost a year ago to work this into my every single day routine when I’m not traveling, and it’s really paying off. Right now I’m up to (almost!) 20 consecutive push-ups! :-)

Low Brow Ritual

I always put Stevia in my iced coffee. ;-)

Ritual Fail

I definitely don’t take our black lab Molly out running enough!

Weekly Ask

I always love to hear what Supergoop! SPF products everyone is loving, or any ideas they have about new ways for us to slip SPF into their favorite beauty or skincare essentials. Feel free to shoot me a note at or @hollythaggard.       

Repeat Purchases

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